Guardian blog contributor: "Saddam: a tribute"

Nothing I can say will prepare you for it. Alaa at the Mesopotamian was practically left speechless.

Here’s a snippet from the middle. Bear in mind that it gets much worse from here:

Saddam would have had his work cut out to match these [death toll] figures. So, why are the Iraqis better off without him? The only answer available is that now they are “free”. Well, we all value freedom. Some value it more than life, and those who do certainly go on about it. Nonetheless, they are probably a minority.

Living under tyranny may not be ideal, but it is not impossible. In the Soviet Union, life took on a character of its own, in which the human spirit managed to flourish in spite of the political constraints. The literature generated in those conditions can still inspire us. Today, many former Soviet citizens feel no more free under the yoke of global capitalism than they did before…

I dub thee, David Cox, the anti-Hitchens.