NYT page one: Photo of wounded, bleeding Marine

“Vote Democrat.”

They’re working their way up. Last weekend they ran a photo series on military funerals; today they’ve got actual blood, albeit from a Marine who survived. Next will be photos of soldiers dead on the battlefield. And then, finally, shots of troops being killed as the bullets pass through them.

Unless CNN gets there first.

The shame of it is, the photo series in its entirety isn’t defeatist. There are actually two series, “The Medic” and “The Sniper,” both of which are worth viewing but especially the latter: watch Sgt. Jesse Leach take command when one of his boys goes down, to the point of placing himself between the sniper and the wounded officer. If the Times wasn’t a volunteer in the left’s GOTV effort, this is the photo that would have run on one:


If you do click over to look at the pics, note whom they’re credited to. I wonder if the guy who sniped this Marine knows this guy.