New poll: Liebs leads Freshmaker by 12

How many video clips of victory speeches am I going to have to post on Tuesday night? Very possibly just one.

But it. will. be. awesome.

Joementum got heckled at a bar yesterday, in case you didn’t hear — by a bunch of Lyndon LaRouche supporters:

Lieberman entered the bar about 7 p.m., just as the debate between Lamont and Schlesinger started playing on one of the large television screens. As he walked in, with a close-up of Lamont’s head looming over the room, a LaRouche supporter, disguised in a wig and make-up as conservative columnist William F. Buckley, began yelling and throwing green “Buckley Bucks.”

Soon, the singing began.

“If you want a third world war, vote for Joe, Bill Buckley’s whore,” the LaRouche supporters sang.

Then came a bit about impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney and about Lieberman, or Cheney – it was hard to decipher which – being something unprintable.

They call themselves, I kid you not, the “LaRouche Youth.”

So how many clips am I going to have to post? Rasmussen has it 49-48 for the Dems with Missouri, Virginia, and Tennessee the toss-ups. RCP puts McCaskill’s lead at less than 2% and Webb’s lead at less than 1%, but the last three polls have Corker pulling away from Ford. If that holds we need either Talent or Allen to come through — unless Michael Steele continues to surge and shocks the world in Maryland. If he does, then we can probably do no worse than 50-50. And that 50 won’t include Linc Chafee, who’s on his way out in Rhode Island.

Larry Sabato and Stuart Rothenberg predict the Dems will take both chambers. Tradesports has given up on Republican control of the House, but control of the Senate is still trading at a healthy 68.9.

And even if we do lose both, like Moran says — how bad could it be?

Update: Bill Buckley is indeed supporting Joe Lieberman:

The features of the Democratic leadership are not yet set. The left is eager to assert itself as the true heir of the Democratic tradition, even as in 1948, under the leadership of Henry Wallace, the left attempted to take over the party of FDR and Harry Truman. It failed, and may fail again. But much depends on how much life there is in the opposition, and the first challenge is to vote to retain Joe Lieberman in office.

Update: No matter how you feel about Santorum, this is touching:

A month ago Mr. Santorum and his wife were in the car driving to Washington for the debate with his opponent on “Meet the Press.” Their conversation turned to how brutal the campaign was, how hurt they’d both felt at all the attacks. Karen Santorum said it must be the same for Bob Casey and his family; they must be suffering. Rick Santorum said yes, it’s hard for them too. Then he said, “Let’s say a Rosary for them.” So they prayed for the Caseys as they hurtled south.

A friend of mine called them while they were praying. She told me about it later, but didn’t want it repeated. “No one would believe it,” she said.

But I asked Mr. Santorum about it. Sure, he said, surprised at my surprise. “We pray for the Caseys every night. We know it’s as hard for them as it is for us.”