Heart-ache: McCain appears in ad opposing gay marriage

It’s for Prop 107, which would amend the Arizona constitution to limit marriage to one man and one woman.

We’ve seen what happens when one of Sully’s Republican heroes betrays the Cause. Henceforth, St. John can expect his every last deviation from “the conservative soul” to be greeted with increasingly shrill denunciations, culminating in a year or two with outright vilification. Like, for example, being accused of having “lost his mind.”

Which is a criticism Andrew Sullivan is certainly well positioned to make.

On that note, my conscience compels me to note that Sully agrees with me that Lurch was making a joke about Bush, not the troops.

I am, in all seriousness, filled with heart-ache at that fact.

Say, is it just me or is this ad the teensiest bit heavy-handed?

Update: Says Ace, channeling Jim Webb:

But more fun than the actual story is, as Allah notes, how St. Andrew of the Sacred Heart-Ache will react. For so long Andrew Sullivan has held McCain up on a pedestal, then flipped him over and put his penis in his mouth. (An act of honor and love, not a sexual act, remember. NTTAWWT.)

Well, now McCain has slapped him in the face with that very same penis.