Video: Iranian cleric psyched for U.S. midterm elections

It’s irrelevant, unfair, and demagogic to point this out, of course. The left shrieking that world opinion is aligned with them against Bush? That’s fair game. Us noting that not all of their allies in “world opinion” are liberal secular humanists? That’s a cheap shot which impugns their patriotism.

Oh well.

Here’s the latest from MEMRI. Don’t confuse this guy with the other Khatami. The man in the video is Ahmad Khatami, a “hardline” cleric and strong proponent of the country’s nuclear program. Mohammed Khatami is the “moderate” former president of Iran who was last seen praising Bill Clinton and urging an immediate pullout from Iraq and who told an audience at Harvard earlier this year that it’s “debatable” whether gays should be executed.

Distinctions are important.

WND asked a few Palestinian terrorist leaders who Americans should vote for next Tuesday. Quote:

While the terror leaders each independently compelled American citizens to vote for Democratic candidates, not all believed the Democrats would actually carry out a withdrawal from Iraq.

Saadi stated, “Unfortunately I think those who are speaking about a withdrawal will not do so when they are in power and these promises will remain electoral slogans. It is not enough to withdraw from Iraq. They must withdraw from Afghanistan and from every Arab and Muslim land they occupy or have bases.”

See also Michael Scheuer. Click the image to watch.


Update: From the newest AQ tape:

“Your primary enemy (the United States) recognises with full humility that its entry into Iraq was a mistake… Persevere. The first signs of victory in Iraq are showing,” he said.