Video: New RNC ad calls on Kerry to apologize

Note to the RNC: stop coding your embedded ads to auto-start. Update: Fixed!

They’ve got an online petition going, too.

Kerry hasn’t yet released the full video or transcript of his speech at the Angelides event so it’s still unclear if he was referring to the troops or to Bush. More than one conservative commentator believes it was the latter, with true believers reacting predictably at their willingness to say so.

See-Dub and I had a mini-debate the other day about when and whether political ends should ever justify the means. This could turn out to be another test case. Waffles has a long history of smearing the troops and his nutroots-on-steroids performance yesterday was repulsive, so my sympathy for him if he’s been misconstrued will be decidedly tepid. But we shouldn’t push stuff if we know it’s untrue. If in fact it is untrue — which Kerry, suspiciously, refuses to determine by simply releasing the full text of the speech.

Harold Ford called on him to apologize within the past few hours, so whether it’s true or not is almost beside the point now. It’s an issue, and smart pols will use it to their advantage. Harold Ford: smart pol. Most of the time, anyway. Not always, and not lately.

Here’s video of another (usually) smart pol on the campaign trail yesterday.

Update: I assume everyone’s seen it on Drudge, but here’s the vid of Don Imus asking Kerry this morning to please go away.