Video: McCain calls for Kerry to apologize on Hannity & Colmes; Update: Kerry's blog points to support -- from Kos

I’ve got two more clips coming as updates, one of Mort Kondracke and Michael Barone from Brit Hume’s show tonight and the other of our favorite Democrat from John Gibson’s radio program. They should be posted below within the next hour, so check back. Here’s the big one, though: a subdued, statesmanlike John McCain parrying Alan Colmes’s feeble attempts to change the subject for three minutes — then bringing up Waffles’s ineffably disgraceful Winter Soldier testimony in the last thirty seconds. Sweet.

Incidentally, how come we never, ever get to see “crazy McCain” in public? Wouldn’t this have been the perfect time?

The clip has been edited. Like I say, more coming.

Update: Tomorrow’s events cancelled? Has Kerry gone to ground?

Update: The first lifeboat hits the water: Iowa Congressional candidate Bruce Braley has kancelled Kerry due to his “inappropriate” comments on the war.

Update: Here are Kondracke and Barone on “Special Report.” Chris Matthews thinks it’s obvious Waffles was talking about Bush, not the troops; of course, Matthews also thinks it’s obvious that Michael Steele is trying to appear “child-like” and “unthreatening” in his TV ads. Kondracke and Barone disagree, the latter nailing down the problem here with what he says at the very end of the clip.

Update: The Times continues its electioneering by burying the lede.

Update: Here’s the audio clip I promised you. From this afternoon’s episode of John Gibson Radio, the lovely KP piles on. JPod’s got her pegged, although she’d never admit it. Not publicly, at least.

Did she actually use the word “impactful”?

Update: Scott Ott salutes the greatest man of the age.

Update: The left-wing backlash against St. John of Tucson begins.

Update: “When you lose the BBC and Andrew Sullivan, you’ve lost them all.”

Update: Who do you turn to when you’re being slammed for smearing the troops? Markos “Screw Them” Zuniga, of course.