Video: Bush rips Kerry for comments about troops; Update: McCain rips Kerry again

I thought the nutroots would be having an out-of-body experience after Kerry’s remarks today but it turns out some of them are smarter than that. Dean Barnett e-mails to point us towards this Kos thread, where opinion on Lurch is split. More significant is the verdict of Olbermannesque Bush-hater Jack “Broken Government” Cafferty, who played Brian Fantana to Kerry’s Champ Kind this afternoon by recommending he stop talking for awhile.

Speaking of Olby, with the American Legion and AmVets demanding an apology from Waffles, will he do the smart thing and call for him to retract? Or will he applaud the Senator’s descent into full-blown nutrootsdom? Olbermann Watch has the answer.

You know they were praying for someone in the background here to make a face.

Update: The quote of the day belongs to neither Bush nor Kerry but to an unnamed Congressman.

Update: Kos sounds the rallying cry as only he can.

Update: Tinti has video of Chris Matthews insisting that Kerry didn’t say what he actually said. McCain’s not buying it:

You can’t make this up. His statement, basically, was so demeaning to the men and women who are serving in the military that you will be even more grateful than you are at this moment that George Bush is president of the United States…

You can’t make this up. His statement was that if you get an education and you do well, then you don’t have to go to Iraq, and if you don’t have an education, then you have to go to Iraq. Do you know how demeaning that is to the men and women who are serving so magnificently in the cause of freedom and are fighting and dying in Iraq today? As I said, you can’t make it up.