Video: Allen's staffers toss Kos Kid to the floor

You knew there’d be violence in this campaign sooner or later.

The nutroots’ mock outrage is mounting, as would ours be if a righty blogger had been laid out by Jim Webb’s handlers. Of course, righty bloggers wouldn’t be trying to push their way through a ring of people to shout questions about whether the candidate had ever spat on his ex-wife.

Although we might shout a question or two re: how he feels about boys’ penises in men’s mouths.

Jon Henke at Allen HQ has background on this guy. His name’s Mike Stark, he posts at dKos, and his preferred method of public discourse appears to be “guerrilla tactics.”

Oh, and according to Alternet by way of John Kerry, he’s lazy and uneducated.

Update: More.

Allen’s former wife, Anne Waddell, issued a statement calling Stark’s question “a baseless, cheap shot.”

Waddell, who lives in California, said she and Allen divorced more than 22 years ago, and because it was a personal matter they sealed the divorce records…

In a Monday posting on “Calling All Wingnuts,” the blog Stark publishes, he hinted that he would attempt to provoke Allen before the TV cameras.

“Im also trying to `Roger and Me’ George Allen whenever I can,” Stark wrote, referring to director Michael Moore’s 1989 documentary in which he repeatedly tried to confront former General Motors’ chief executive Roger Smith about the company’s downsizing.

Update: Ace remembers a time when throwing political hecklers to the floor was not only accepted but applauded. But they did things differently back in 2004.

Update: Mike Stark meets the intelligentsia.