Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks midterms on Larry King Live

Somehow the correct spelling of her middle name slipped through the multiple layers of painstaking fact-checking despite the fact that she mentioned it to them three times before the show.

No matter. MK’s star continues to rise, and will rise a little further next month when she joins Captain Ed in CNN’s election-night blogger bullpen. As for this evening, she was on with radio hosts Stephanie Miller and Lars Larson and nutroots heartthrob John Aravosis. I left them all on the cutting-room floor except for a brief retort from Miller to one of MK’s comments — although I would have kept Aravosis in there just to watch his reaction if MK had used the national security question to ask him about this.

I guess you have to play nice during these things.

Four topics were put to her: (1) which party has the momentum and why, (2) Iraq and terrorism, (3) problems with voting machines, and (4) what happens if the Republicans retain control. Here are her answers in sequence. Enjoy.