Video: Scheuer says Bin Laden will rejoice at Democratic victory

Remember when he was the toast of the nutroots for “Imperial Hubris”?

Now he’s David Brock in reverse. Good times.

Can’t say I’m real jazzed to have him on our side, though.

Here’s the op-ed Brian Wilson reads from in the clip. The former head of the CIA’s Osama-hunting unit is a values voter? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I’d had to bet on which single issue was most likely to decide Michael Scheuer’s vote, abortion would not have been my first guess.

What the enemy thinks is not the sole reason on which to base a vote. I will vote for Republicans, as I always do, because some know unborn babies are human beings who should not be murdered with the Democrats’ joyful zeal. Enemy perceptions are worth remembering, however, because if Americans elect Democrats believing them likely to defeat al Qaedaism, history suggests they will be wrong.

The combination of Democratic rhetoric and the indelible fact of the Clinton administration’s relentless refusal to try to kill bin Laden — preferring to protect its Arab, arms-buying buddies at the cost of American corpses — ensures that voters will receive what Clinton-era Democrats are best at giving: barely disguised pacifism that has and will continue to allow al-Qaeda and its allies to steadily destroy U.S. security.

Worth watching if only for a great line he gets off towards the end — one which Mark Steyn fans especially will appreciate.

Another Bin Laden expert, Peter Bergen, entered the political fray recently too. He’s not taking sides in the election, but he does claim to know “what Osama wants” — a total withdrawal from Iraq. Luckily for him and us, though, that won’t be necessary: Jim Webb’s got a miracle cure that’s going to solve the whole thing.

McCain has a cure in mind, too. The CW is that more troops will improve the situation. Will they? Some people are beginning to wonder.

Update: AQ warns Canada: pull out of Afghanistan or else.