Video: Matthews cries raaaaaaaacism; Update: Matthews says Michael Steele needs to appear "child-like," "unthreatening"

How can we lecture Sunnis and Shias about reconciliation when Republicans are running ads showing white women attracted to black men? Also, Rush Limbaugh going after Michael J. Fox — isn’t that sort of racist too?

I’ve goofed on southerners myself, but the media’s contempt for them is breathtaking.

Update: Eugene Robinson, who has the same absolute moral authority here as Michael J. Fox does on stem cells, lays it out:

There you have it: a black man, a white woman, more than a hint of sex. Viewers are left to fill in the blanks, and clearly the hope is that they will free-associate to a word like “miscegenation.” Or, if Republicans are lucky, something considerably worse.

I.e., he’s accusing the GOP of implying that Harold Ford is a rapist. Or rather, raaaaaaapist.

Update: Notes Mary K:

All of their theories, of course, are predicated on the idea that Tennesseans, and all Southern conservatives, are troglodytic racists who are boorish enough to vote against a man because he’s black and simultaneously sophisticated enough to pick up on very subtle coded political messages about his race.

Update: A southern congregation encounters the unholy spawn of a mixed-race union; do they stone the child — or do something worse? Find out in Mary K’s latest post, which lifts the Matthews video from YouTube instead of linking to it here at Hot Air. Will I hold it against her by not linking the new HamNation when it debuts this afternoon? Tune in later and find out!

Update: Spruiell was all over this yesterday. Not only is Matthews also playing up the sub-moronic nutroots racial paranoia over Corker’s “drums” radio ad, but he actually had this to say about Michael Steele’s ads:

I love the ads, my wife loves the ads, they’re really funny, some of them. And very unthreatening. An African-American guy, it seems, has to run an ad that’s so unthreatening that he’s almost child-like in his presentation, but it seems to be working.

Christopher Matthews, I dub thee raaaaaaaacist.

Update: Why is the left hammering the race card all of a sudden? Here’s why.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022