Video: Peace scum heckles dead Marine's mother

One of the Freepers dug this up. It comes from KMPH in California. I clipped this part just to preserve it in case they take it offline, as often happens with affiliates.

This turd doesn’t represent all opponents of the war, of course. But he represents some. Regardless, what he says to her is actually less offensive than the fact that she’s left standing on the sidewalk while “Zionist”-baiting friend-of-Hugo Cindy Sheehan gets the rock star treatment inside the auditorium.

Lance Cpl. Tony Butterfield was killed on July 29th in Anbar. His obituary’s here. Quote: “Because Tony so loved Disneyland, we have decided he would have no greater joy than to send a child and their family there each year.”

He was 19 years old.

Update: Here’s the Peace Fresno press release hyping St. Cindy’s appearance at Fresno State.