Video: Big media is too liberal, ABC News honcho tells O'Reilly

It’s Mark Halperin, the news division’s political director and author of an infamous memo about media bias during the 2004 presidential campaign.

He chooses his words carefully here — maybe my headline should be “Big media appears too liberal” — but you get the gist. He describes the media as “liberal” in the Note piece that O’Reilly references, so I think we’re on firm ground. Read it if you haven’t yet; I thought they were kidding when I first saw, but it may be one of those things that started off as a joke during a brainstorming session and then turned serious as the evidence began to accumulate.

The question is, given his background with that memo, does Halperin really believe this or was it calculated to earn him appearances on the conservative talk-show circuit? If you’re looking for a motive, look no further.

More on media bias (of the CNN variety) this morning from the Prowler, whose report as usual is peppered with not at all fake-sounding quotes.