Panicky nutroots cry racism over another Corker ad

Not the one with the faux playmate. That’s been pulled now at Corker’s request, ostensibly due to “tackiness” but actually because it’s served its purpose and isn’t worth any more political heat. But with Corker ahead and Ford acting uncharacteristically moronic of late, the nutroots can’t afford to let the Republican racism meme get away that easily.

Which brings us to this. Hosted, fittingly enough, on the server of Josh “I question the timing” Marshall.

This exchange from the comments almost makes it worth it:

On October 25, 2006 – 3:33pm CODemocrat said:

I dunno. I don’t think those are actually tom-toms, and it’s certainly not identifiably African. Those are just standard base drum booms you hear in the background on every negative ad. It’s more Wagnerian than racist. Maybe I’m missing something.

Poorly done ad, by the way.

On October 25, 2006 – 4:49pm Eric Stepp said:

Um… Wagner was a noted racist.


I’m going to e-mail noted right-wing pundit Kirsten Powers to get the non-insane liberal reaction to this.

Update: Forgot to mention — you should listen to the ad twice. The first time, focus on the drums. The second time, focus on the narration. They’re pointing to the music to argue that Corker’s calling Ford a savage when the whole point of the clip is to show how elitist and privileged Ford’s life has been compared to BC’s.