Video: The RNC's raaaacist Harold Ford ad

They’re playing to the racist Republican base, you see, by showing a blonde white woman — representing a sterotypically blonde, white Playboy playmate — asking a black man to call her.

Of course, if they’d used a black actress instead, the left would want to know why they’d deliberately broken from the stereotype of the blonde white playmate. Miscegenation panic, perhaps? Is Harold Ford not good enough for a white woman?

ALF knows this script by heart:

Apparently the rule is that under no circumstance can Republicans make any allusion to the romantic/sexual activities of any Democrat without being guilty of some horrible “-ism”:

* Is the Democrat a woman? Sexism!
* Is the Democrat gay? Homophobia!
* Is the Democrat a racial minority? Racism!
* And this rule holds true, even when the Democrat is a powerful, middle-aged, white male named Bill Clinton: Sexual McCarthyism!

I told KP yesterday there’s no point debating issues with the nutroots because even positions you come by honestly and hold in good faith are dismissed as ulteriorly motivated. War for oil, controlling women’s bodies, white chicks in ads that criticize Harold Ford — it’s all a continuum. The Truthers are just the farthest far end of it.

I’ll leave you to wonder how she responded.

Update: I forget sometimes that not all of our readers are political junkies. If you don’t understand why the RNC is goofing on Ford with Playboy playmates, see here.