Video: Claire McCaskill's Michael J. Fox ad

Effective, but no different from CNN’s sniper segment in its M.O. Dean’s logic is unassailable, and I say that as someone who agrees with McCaskill on this issue.

I hate to give Coulter credit, but when she’s right, she’s right.

Update: Actually, as a devoted Kurzweilian, I do disagree with this part of Dean’s post:

If Fox thinks that stem cell research offers him (or me) hope, he’s mistaken. Stem cell research, both embryonic and otherwise, right now represents nothing more than a promising theory. If it bears fruit, and that’s a huge “if”, it will likely do so too late to benefit Fox, me, and our contemporaries.

Techology advances exponentially, my friend. Kurzweil says we could see many genetic diseases conquered within 15 years.