Pipe bombs found outside U.S. embassy in Venezuela

The interesting part:

Local police chief Wilfredo Borraz told reporters that one of the devices was found outside the school and the other in a planter about 50 yards from the embassy entrance.

He said both were wrapped in black plastic bags and contained “small fliers with publicity alluding to Hezbollah” — the Lebanese guerrilla group that recently fought a monthlong war with Israel. He said police glimpsed electrical wires protruding from one of the plastic pipes before setting it off.

That’s noteworthy for two reasons. First, today’s date has significance. And second, it gives us here at HA — and Clint Taylor especially — a chance to say “we told you so.” If you missed our Vents last month on Hezbo in Venzo, click the images below to watch:



Venezuelan police say the suspect’s motive was “unclear.” These gents might be able to clue them in.