Video: GOP's version of LBJ's "Daisy" ad debuts

There’s something sooo familiar about this…

Before you watch, here’s the McCaul Report. Click and scroll down to page 28 and read the short section on terrorist infiltration across the Mexican border. That’s how Shukrijumah is expected to try to enter the country, assuming he isn’t already here. Then go read Kaus’s post from yesterday entitled “Bush Picks Secret Signing Over Winning Midterm Election.” You’ll have to scroll down a bit there too, but it’s worth it. The man simply is not serious about border security.

If I were the Dems, I’d remix this spot with intercuts of Raj Bhakta crossing the border on an elephant. Too bad they’re even more in favor of open borders than Bush is.

Video of the “Daisy” ad is here, in case you’ve never seen it.

Update: See-Dubya says, “Mediocre minds think alike.”