KP jumps ugly with sock puppeteer over Larry Craig "outing"

Whoops. I mean alleged sock puppeteer, of course!

I love how she defines morality as something other than “whatever Glenn Greenwald believes is right.”

The correct definition, of course, is “whatever Andrew Sullivan believes is right”:

[A]ll the examples listed in [Greenwald’s post] deal with extramarital affairs. The outing of gay people is about what exactly? What is their “moral” crime that is akin to adultery? Don’t liberals believe that being gay is ok? Ahh…yes. But being gay and not thinking like liberals think is apparently “immoral.” Who says so? The Liberal Police. Who will they target next?

Who? Well, you, KP, for starters.

I’m going to see if I can get her to open up comments. I know Rick Ellensburg, Thomas Ellers, Ellison, and the rest of the Greenwald fans are itching to get in there and remind her that (a) he’s written a bestselling book, (b) he rose to Internet prominence in a nine months, (c) Senators read his blog, and (d) newspapers have written front-page stories based on his posts.

Dean Barnett’s also gone after the Puppetmaster in today’s must-read. Quote:

Glenn Greenwald is always quick to tout his massive intellect. Let’s see if he can get his mind around this:

I have Cystic Fibrosis. My continued survival depends on medical advances. And yet I oppose embryonic stem cell research. Amazing, isn’t it? In this instance, I put principle ahead of self-interest. And I’m no saint. Good people live their lives routinely putting principle ahead of self interest.

The most depressing thing about Greenwald and his ilk is that their sincerity is unquestionable. They truly believe that they have a monopoly on decency and goodness and that no person of good faith could possibly disagree with them.

The irony is that it’s always people like Greenwald and Rogers who blast President Bush for having a simplistic Manichaean world view that divides the world into good and bad. Look in the mirror, guys.

How’s all this playing with the Republican base? Fine, according to member-of-the-base Mary K. “There’s a huge schism on the right” counters Republican-base-hater Mike Rogers. Whom to believe?

In hindsight, maybe Joe McCarthy’s mistake was ruining people for being suspected communists instead of ruining them for the hypocrisy of being suspected communists enjoying the fruits of a capitalist system.

Exit question: who’s had sex with more barely-legal teenagers? Mark Foley or Gavin Newsom?

Update: Looks like KP’s decided to lay it all on the line. The nutroots had better check her out and make sure she’s not a lesbian.

Update: Ace wonders if Greenwald, by his own logic, is a race traitor.