Pastors encouraging Christian couples to get their freak on

It was either a post about this or a post about Bush signing the detainee bill this morning. But why bother with that? It’s dead on arrival. In a year or two it’ll land on the desk of America’s Solon and he’ll decide that the whole thing makes him feel icky, and that’ll be that.


So let’s take it tabloid with Christian love:

The occasion is a seminar called “Love, Sex and Marriage,” being given by Joe Beam, a Southern preacher out of the old school, a self-described “book-chapter-and-verse guy,” who runs an outfit based in Franklin, Tenn., called Family Dynamics. So I’m anticipating condemnation of American culture — especially America’s sexual culture — that has made conservative Christians feel besieged.

Beam, who is studying for a sexology Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in Australia, is all about shining the light. He and a few others like him have concluded that conservative Christians can cope with America’s hypersexualized culture by being given permission to pluck much of its fruit…

The humor and the brazen talk, coming from a man who is not only one of them, but a leader who rubs elbows with James Dobson and Jerry Falwell, gives them permission to relax and hear his message.

It’s a simple one: Sex is good. Good sex makes people happy. It deepens relationships. So it helps marriages last and that pleases God and makes society better.

There’s plenty more, including copius video clips, at the link. And it’s not just Beam. ABC pretends to spot a trend stretching from church chats in Oregon for “Sexy Christians” to sex-themed websites operated by churches in New Jersey. I say “pretends to spot a trend” because there’s no hard data to suggest just how prevalent this supposed trend is. I suspect it isn’t a trend at all.

But it sure makes for titillating copy, doesn’t it?

The definitive parody in this area was published in the Onion a few years ago, but naturally it warrants a content warning. Proceed at your own risk.