Video: Mark Steyn on North Korea

Hannity & Colmes had him on to talk about his book but they got sidetracked with the crisis du jour. Too bad. Events are, admittedly, moving quickly and dramatically, but that’s a big audience and Steyn deserved better than having to choose between “we should talk to the nut as part of a group” and “we should talk to the nut one on one.”

I guess they needed more of a news hook than “Mark Steyn’s got a new book out.”

Fortunately, he’ll be on the air constantly in one format or another for the next several weeks.

I recommend the book, by the way, although with greater enthuasiasm for those less familiar with his work. I read him regularly and recognized passages and favorite illustrative anecdotes (e.g., the Gen. Napier suttee incident) from his old columns. Recycled Steyn is still better than new most-anyone-else, but it won’t be a revelation for aficionados the way it will for newbies. If you know someone who doesn’t follow him and whom you suspect would give him a fair hearing — ahem — it’s a perfect gift. And if you order by clicking through on the banner at the top of this page, you’ll make Michelle, Bryan, Ian, and me very, very happy.

Number six on Amazon and climbing as I write this.

Update: Turns out the NorK nuke test involved plutonium, which, believe it or not, actually is good news.