Disgrace: Columbia bars public from Walid Shoebat lecture at last minute

Eerily similar to what happened at the NYU lecture I attended in the spring. Same city, same basic topic, same fear that certain members of the audience might react “strongly.”

Same capitulation:

Why, we wonder, at 4:45 in the afternoon, a mere 3:15 hours before Walid Shoebat and his panel were to speak to an audience at Columbia University, all of whom had RSVP’d to the Columbia University College Republicans who were sponsoring the talk, and received invitations from them to the event, has Jewelnel Davis, the advising office to Student Governing Board groups at Columbia decided to rescind all of the invitations?

Can it possibly be that, having been severely embarrassed by last week’s events – when radical leftists at Columbia were left free to act as thugs and attack the Minutemen – and the blogstorm it precipitated, resulting in severe, public criticism of Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, for his lack of initiative at solving the problem, this week they decided to solve the problem – at the last minute – by restricting their popular lecturer to Columbia students and 20 invited guests.

Seva Brodsky, who was last seen being spit on by Hezbollah-supporting pigs in Boston, was on the bus headed down to NYC when he got the message from Columbia that his attendance this evening would no longer be required. Kesher Talk has a copy of his righteously pissy reply.

Here’s what was too hot for the free-thinkers of the Ivy League. Shoebat’s website is here.

Update: Dennis Prager interviewed Shoebat on his radio show in 2004.

Update: The boss’s debate at Colgate tonight went a little better.