Confirmed: No nuke explosion in North Korean test; Breaking: New nuke test? (Bumped)

Michael Yon breaks some news. Or, at least, independently confirms the news broken by Bill Gertz last night in the WashTimes.

But he does add one important detail:

The source stressed the importance of bearing in mind that though the explosion occured in North Korea — if it was actually a test and not merely a dictator clamoring for attention and influence — the test may have been by or for the Iranians.

Why would he think that?


Ahmadinejad’s not the only world leader telling nuclear lies these days.

Update: The Interocitor has a theory about why the NK test fizzled.

Update: Here we go again. Japan has detected another tremor originating in North Korea. Standby for updates.

Update: Fox says the South Koreans didn’t detect anything.

Update: Looks like it was just a quake.