Time magazine: Castro has terminal cancer?

Look what just showed up on Google News:


When you follow the link, you get a 404. What happened? Did Time publish, then pull the story back because of some last-minute development?

Or did they publish accidentally, having meant to save a scoop this big for Sunday?

Alas for them: Allah sees all.

We’ll just have to wait.

Oh — there is just one more thing. My RSS reader picked this story up, too. And the precis there contained a detail you won’t find in the Google News teaser:


Keep your eyes on the World section…

Update: That didn’t take long. It’s a little iffy, but hope, like Castro himself, springs eternal:

U.S. officials tell TIME that many in the U.S. government are now convinced that Castro, 80, has terminal cancer and will never return to power. “Certainly we have heard this, that this guy has terminal cancer,” said one U.S. official.

Of course, such intelligence reports could be wrong, and one official cautioned that definitive proof is nearly impossible for the U.S. to come by. Yet the fact that the Cuban government removed Castro from the public stage before his death could suggest that Castro and his would-be successors were aware of a terminal condition and wanted to gauge public reaction to his absence. “They got to see how people would react,” says one U.S. official. “They have had a chance to see how things might work without out him functioning day-to-day.”