Supremes deny cert on Cali public school's Islam immersion course

I was all set to correct Charles on this but he’s already corrected himself. When the Court denies cert, i.e., refuses to hear an appeal, it doesn’t mean they agree with the lower court’s decision. It simply means they don’t want to deal with the issue right now.

They might very well take it up in the future, though — and you might be surprised how they rule. If you’re counting on Scalia and Thomas to torpedo a public school’s Islamic play-acting class, you’re not thinking very strategically. Cases like this present Christians with a golden opportunity to introduce elements of religious teaching back into the state curriculum by using the left’s double standard towards Islam against it. Now that this case is on the books in the Ninth Circuit as precedent, expect Christian immersion classes to follow.

I actually think the course is (barely) constitutional. Jeff Goldstein and I debated it a bit last winter in the context of the pledge of allegiance case. If you care, my comment about it is here.