Original photo for Michelle bikini photoshop located

Look familiar?

Let’s see if we get a retraction out of Wonkette now.

Thanks to Sean Gleeson for finding this.

Update: How did Sean do it?

I set up a Facebook account, and followed the trail, from Ashley Herzog, to Megan Del Corral, to Meredith Chan, to “Princess Nina” (whoever that is). I had to do a lot of e-mailing private messaging and stuff.

Update: Let’s just get this posted before it mysteriously disappears from Webshots.


You can see the photoshopped version on Michelle’s site. Same shot, although it looks like they didn’t ‘shop in a whole new head, just Michelle’s face.

They also ‘shopped out the navel jewelry. I guess they figured that was a bit too outre to be plausible for a photo of MM.

Update: Reader Michael P. went ahead and put together a patented LGF/Rathergate image overlay for us.