Irey within ten points of Murtha? Update: Abscam video added!

The way things are going, by the time November rolls around, showcase races like this one and Liebs/Lamont will be all we’ll have to look forward to. Top of the page right now at Polling Report:


Knocking off Okinawa Jack would do an awful lot to soften the blow. I might be able to get away with hard liquor on Election Night instead of narcotics.

Joementum closed today at a breezy 85 on TradeSports, by the way.

Update: Ace has been bugging me to post video from the Abscam segment of Hannity & Colmes last night. Seems like the right time and place, so fine. Here’s the clip showing Murtha indignantly refusing to accept a bribe from undercover feds — until they’ve stirred up a little business in his district, in which case then they should come back and talk to him.

The tape’s 26 years old, which makes it somewhat more recent than the racial slur allegations Dems have been tossing at George Allen.