Inside Guantanamo: Patterico interviews Gitmo psychologist

He wasn’t technically a psychologist. He was a “Division Officer for Behavioral Health Services.”

I.e., he was a psychologist working for our benefit, not theirs.

Read it all. There’ll be more coming this week. But note this, especially in light of Frist’s comments yesterday about the Taliban:

In my opinion, most of [the prisoners] are sincere in their belief they will win for the following reasons:

a. They are told they are assured of victory by their religion. They are raised with the belief that Islam is destined to become the dominant way of life for this planet. No matter how long it takes, it is inevitable. Once Islam is supreme, there will be no war, crime, poverty, or need. These are frequent talking points every Friday in the mosques.

b. Their leaders consistently stress that jihad is working and our culture is a hollow shell. They point to VietNam, Somalia, 9/11, Madrid (both the bombings and the elections immediately following), and the anti-war propagandists here in the United States. . . . The jihadists are constantly told that America is weak-willed and will turn and run if they can be inflicted with enough damage and peace can be delayed long enough.

c. They believe they are more committed to victory at any cost because it is all in God’s name and is the Will of God. They point to our efforts at minimizing both our own casualties and those of civilians. You never see them worry about collateral damage and destroying infrastructure. They see our compassion as weakness and our integrity as blindness to reality.

How come that never ends up on the long, long list of Things We Do To Cause More Terrorism?