Breaking: Foley lawyer to announce "bombshell" at press conference? Update: Molested as a kid by a priest (Video Added)

So says Raw Story. The conference is due to start soon. We’ll have video.

Update: ABC’s hearing “bombshell,” too.

Update: Some of Foley’s colleagues are wondering why a guy whom they rarely saw drink would be checking into alcohol rehab?

Update: Raw Story had a teaser up earlier claiming that National Journal was going to implicate another Congressman in a story to be released at 5 p.m. It’s 6 p.m. now and I see nothing at NatJour, but maybe that’s what the “bombshell” in Foley’s announcement is.

Update: Apparently the big bombshell is that Foley … was molested as a kid by a priest.

Update: More importantly: he claims he never actually had sex with any kids.

Update (Ian): Some video: