Video: Wafa Sultan on the Mohammed cartoons; Update: Interview with Bassam Tibi

We still get e-mails from people linking to the MEMRI video of her now world famous appearance on Al Jazeera last year saying, “YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS.”

We’ve seen it.

But we hadn’t seen this yet, and odds are neither have you. Nine minutes of Sultan, in English, on Islam and the cartoon jihad. Is it really “the crack in the wall”?

Click the image to watch.


Update: Even better than the Sultan clip is this interview with Syrian-born German Islamic expert Bassam Tibi. Too much to blockquote but I’ll tempt you with this:

SPIEGEL: You are trying to say that critics of Islam are systematically silenced in Germany?

Tibi: Yes. Even the comparatively moderate Turkish organization DITIB says there are no Islamists, only Islam and Muslims — anything else is racism. That means that you can no longer criticize the religion. Accusing somebody of racism is a very effective weapon in Germany. Islamists know this: As soon as you accuse someone of demonizing Islam, then the European side backs down. I have also been accused of such nonsense, even though my family can trace its roots right back to Muhammad and I myself know the Koran by heart.