Video: Michelle discusses Foleygate on O'Reilly; Update: WashTimes calls for Hastert's head, nominates ... Henry Hyde

The stars align as Michelle, Bill, and KP agree that Mark Foley is a predator for whom no one should be making excuses. I didn’t think anyone had been, and in all candor I find it somewhat offensive that wanting the same standards to apply to both sides should be considered tantamount to apologizing for what he did. No one’s letting Foley off the hook. The fact is, if someone knew what he was up to and didn’t act to stop it immediately, they’re complicit in child abuse. Period. Republican, Democrat, politician, civilian, what have you. Makes no difference.

But people can disagree about these things, I guess.

I forgive the boss because she pays my salary and I forgive O’R because he pays her salary, but I’ve got no reason to forgive—


Oh, okay. All’s forgiven, baby!


Update: Drudge has the siren up with a teaser that the Washington Times, a conservative newspaper, will call for Hastert’s resignation tomorrow. Before finding out what he knew and when he knew it. Who’s playing politics here — the “investigate both sides” crowd or the people who want heads to roll now, as quickly as possible, to minimize the fallout on Election Day?

Update: The Democratic playbook — literally:

1. Pay no heed to the distinction between the e-mails and IMs. There’s no evidence (yet) that any Republican leaders knew about Foley’s cybersex IMs. There’s plenty of evidence that they knew how uncomfortable the “overly friendly” e-mails made at least one page. So the Dems will press the GOP on what they knew about the former and will constantly, in their press releases, refer to the “GOP’s knowledge of the sexually explicit e-mails.”

Pointing out what a nasty, underhanded tactic this is apparently constitutes “making excuses” for Mark Foley.

Update: Lorie Byrd’s disgusted with the WashTimes, too.

Update: Perfect. Not only does the WashTimes cynically call for Hastert’s head to roll ASAP to get this scandal off voters’ radar screens, they want to nominate as his successor Mr. Impeachment himself, Henry Hyde. Brilliant, Tony Blankley.