Source of Foley e-mails identified? Update: dKosopedia entry on Gerry Studds mysteriously changes!

Maybe. Maybe. Keep scrolling until you reach Update II.

Gateway Pundit has good stuff on this too, particularly the 2004 article from the Washington Blade that he dug up. It’s a small world after all.

Update: The boss thinks this whole line of inquiry is foolish:

At this point, I think the GOP is making a mistake banging the drum so hard over the apparent far left/MSM orchestration of the story. However long the other side sat on the e-mails and IMs, the fact is that Mark Foley–and Mark Foley–alone is responsible for giving his enemies something to spring upon his campaign in the first place.

Sure, but what about a parent who sits by and does nothing while the other parent abuses their children? That’s what’s got the left in a frenzy — not the one rogue pervert congressman but the possibility that Hastert and company knew about it and let it happen. Whether they did or didn’t doesn’t absolve Foley of responsibility, but it would say a lot about where their own priorities lie.

So why doesn’t it cut both ways? Conceded: Foley’s a filthy child predator. Who knew and let him go on being one?

Update: Mary K notes (scroll down) that Mike Rogers, the guy identified in Mac Ranger’s post, was the third person to comment on the StopSexPredators site after the Foley e-mails were posted.

Update: Why is dKos less gay friendly than they were yesterday?