Rasmussen calls Senate a dead heat, TradeSports favors Dems to take House

It was 45-44 for Corker in Tennessee as of a month ago. Today it’s 48-43 Ford.

Which means the Senate is now 49-49, with New Jersey and Missouri toss-ups.

On TradeSports, GOP retention of the House was trading at 58 on Friday. Last price as of this moment?


It’s been awhile since I got drunk in the middle day. The last time was … yesterday, I think.

It’s hard to keep track, what with all the blackouts.

The good news? After all the racial nonsense, Allen’s still up by six in Virginia.

I guess that’s good news. Relatively speaking.

In other news, Andrew Sullivan now seems to believe that homosexuality and pedophilia are somehow related.

Dissent is patriotic — and optimistic! Election Projection still has the GOP retaining both houses, although surely the Foley effect has yet to be fully felt.