New UN Secretary-General chosen, sort of

Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. The Security Council’s signed off on him; all that’s left is for the General Assembly to kiss the bride. The formal SC vote is next Monday. Not sure about the GA.

Hard to say how having Ban in charge will affect the UN’s wrangling with Kim Jong-Il. I’d like to think it’ll help: rationally, having a fellow Korean to deal with should make Kim more open to negotiation.

But rational’s got nothing to do with it, does it?

Here’s audio, video, and transcript of a speech Ban gave to the Council on Foreign Relations earlier this year. He’s a reformer, which sounds good until you think of it Mark Steyn’s way. Would you rather have a “corrupt dysfunctional sclerotic anti-American club” obstructing you, or a “lean mean effectively functioning anti-American club”?