Video: Screech talks about his sex tape

No one sent me any tips today, so it’s come to this. The bottom of the bottom of the barrel. Tabloid nirvana.

Screech. Having a threesome.

The fact that this tool is still parlaying his role as a paradigmatic high-school dork a decade and a half ago into sexual bonanzas today is about as depressing as that Al Qaeda nuke story we’ve been following. If you don’t know what’s allegedly on the tape, you’ll say the nuke is worse. But if you do know

I’ll have to think about it.

Having watched the clip and read the latest at TMZ … I don’t know. Call me crazy, but Diamond might just be a fat liar who orchestrated this himself.

Vote in the comments. What’s freakier: Screech getting his screech on, or the multi-millionaire hedge fund manager who married the girl of his dreams?