Jesse Macbeth redux: Truther moron unmasked as military fake

The Screw Loose Change boys e-mailed me when this story started pulsing, but I just wasn’t feeling it. No photoshopped DD-214, no scandal. That’s the rule around here.

That’s the Hot Air way.

Well, last night it all came together. Here’s the saga, in sequence:

Sunday — Basic factual errors in idiot’s story raise suspicions.
Monday — More factual errors spotted; is idiot also a liar?
Tuesday — Idiot’s DD-214 scrutinized.
Wednesday — Photoshop smoking gun!

It won’t take long to read them all, but if you only have time for one, read the last one. What is it about using photoshop to expose fraud that’s so insanely gratifying?

That’s some nice ‘tard-busting, boys. And I say that in the most Chief Wiggumy way possible.