The next outrage: Muslims offended by new Harvey Keitel film

Remember when the only thing you had to worry about in a Harvey Keitel movie was whether he’d take out his schwanz?

An Italian film has sparked a debate in the Muslim community for its representation of Islam. ‘Il mercante di pietre’ (The Stone Merchant) by Italian filmmaker Renzo Martinelli “brings back to mind Nazi propaganda against the Jews,” accuses Dacia Valent, the spokesperson of the Islamic Anti-Defamation League, an Italian group. Her view is shared by the association of Young Muslims of Italy whose forum is full of messages comparing the movie to Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda…

The movie is controversial as all the Muslims it portrays are terrorists.

At a recent press conference, Martinelli said his film was meant to “sound the alarm against multiculturalists who justify everything and are in favour of opening up Europe – all signs the Muslim world perceives as a weakness, taking advantage of us.” The filmmaker – who told reporters he goes around armed just in case some militant attacked him – added tha he “didn’t attack Muslims but tried to understand them.”

Keitel plays a Muslim convert and secret Al Qaeda operative who’s given the agonizing choice of exploding a dirty bomb in the English Channel(?) for the glory of Allah or spending the rest of his life having soul-replenishing sex with Jane “The Lover”/”Color of Night” March.

The real story is director Martinelli, who’s got a rod for anti-jihad:

Martinelli told the media: “Politically collaborative Europe will pay for its mistakes. Our civilisation mustn’t show signs of weakness”.


Introducing his new film, Il Mercante di Pietre (The Stone Merchant), to the press in Rome (Repubblica, September 14) he went right to the point: “The terrorists are among us. I go everywhere armed.” Then, detouring back to the year 1453, he said Constantinople had been lost because somebody left a gate open. “Just so has Europe left a door open through which Muslims now infiltrate.”

And more still:

“I criticize us; the Europeans, for letting Islam spread all across Europe. Optimist and multicultural Europe will defray the cost of its preferences.”

You can watch the trailer here. Be forewarned that there’s a brief scene of Keitel choosing the non-radioactive option. Vigorously.

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