The color purple: Senate races trending Democratic

Top of the screen on Drudge right now is tomorrow’s NY Times lead story on the Senate, which is looking less red and more blue by the moment.

You don’t need to wait for the Times, though. Rasmussen had this two days ago.


Ominous: the trend in the “Lean DEM” column. More ominous: of the three toss-up states, only in New Jersey(!) is the Republican clearly ahead. Ford is surging in Tennessee and Missouri seems to be a dead heat between McCaskill and Talent. If those latter two break blue, it’s 50-49 in favor of the opposition.

Which leaves the most ominous number, the one all-important state in the “Lean GOP” column: …Virginia. It may well be that the only thing standing between us and Majority Leader Harry Reid is Senator Macaca. God help us.

Speaking of which, I think I’m going to boycott the southern bloggers until this latest Allen thing blows over.

The trend’s not just in the Rasmussen poll, either. Remember that USA Today/Gallup poll I posted on last week? The one that had the GOP dead even with the Democrats on the generic ballot? Yeah, you can forget about that now.

Update: Whew!

Update: Slublog puts it in perspective.

Update: The Times’s article is up. Dull. Lots of Allen schadenfreude, though.