Photos: Mohammed gets the Danny Pearl treatment

The boss has a new post up this morning about the Mozart opera that’s been cancelled due to fears of jihad in Germany. Here are two shots taken during a 2003 production and published today in the Times and Spiegel, respectively. Click for full size:



I thought the Times has a strict no-blasphemy policy when it comes to Islam. Has Sulzberger grown a pair since the cartoon fiasco?

I cribbed the Spiegel pic from Vinnie at the Jawa Report, so I owe him a link. Check out the jihad-themed “motivational” posters he’s designed here and here. I like the one for the Iranian nuclear program especially.

Update: 92% of Germans oppose cancelling the opera.

Update: They sowed the wind, and now they shall reap the whirlwind.

Update: Flemming Rose, the editor of the Danish paper that published the Mohammed cartoons, knows how this story goes:

“Here we go again. It’s like deja vu…This is exactly the kind of self-censorship I and my newspaper have been warning against,” said Flemming Rose, culture editor of Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten paper, which met a storm of Muslim protest after publishing satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad last year.

He said bowing to fears of a violent Muslim reaction would only worsen the problem: “You play into the hands of the radicals. You are telling them: your tactics are working. This is a victory for the radicals. It’s weakening the moderate Muslims who are our allies in this battle of ideas.”