Hey, how's that peace deal between Pakistan and the jihadis working out?

Really super. Every bit as well as could be expected.

Musharraf had the stones to present it this way at his press conference with the president last week:

This deal is with the tribal elders of north Waziristan agency. And the deal has three bottom lines, which we fixed for ourselves. And this is very important, which I explained to the President.

Number one, there will be no al Qaeda activity in our tribal agency or across the border in Afghanistan. There will be no Taliban activity in our tribal agency or across in Afghanistan. There will be no Talibanization, which is an [obscurantist] way of life — no Talibanization. All these three have been agreed by the tribal elders who signed that deal. And when they signed the deal, they are honor-bound, and they have already strict honor code to not only abide by it, but also that whoever violates it, they’ll move against them.

He served up the same lie to Jon Stewart last night on the Daily Show, which ended up being an appropriate forum for this subject.

Bush is hosting him and Karzai for dinner tonight at the White House. Karzai’s going to beg Musharraf to move against the Taliban and close the jihadi-factory madrassas and Musharraf’s going to nod thoughtfully and push food around on his plate. A good time to be had by all.

Oh, forgot to mention — Musharraf’s new book claims that Khaled Sheikh Mohammed participated in the kidnapping and murder of Danny Pearl and that KSM himself might have been the one who beheaded the martyred reporter. Omar Saeed Sheikh, who confessed to the crime in open court and is rumored to have links to 9/11, is currently on death row in Pakistan; his lawyers have already moved to introduce Musharraf’s book into evidence in a bid to have him released.