Video: Hirsi Ali tells Rushdie, "Forgive me for wanting to burn your book"

The best three minutes you’ll spend today. Thanks to Sugiero, my source for one-stop shopping on all things Hirsi Ali.

Click the image to watch the solution. Click here to see the problem.


More (Bryan):Ali lives in the US because it’s not safe for her to live in Europe anymore. Islam isn’t the majority faith there, but the threat to her life is real enough, and the European reaction to the threat sufficiently weak, that America is her last, best hope. There is no real freedom of speech to criticize Islam in Europe anymore, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali wouldn’t have had to move to the US and the late Orianna Fallaci wouldn’t have been on trial in Italy.

To those who constantly say that no Muslim army can ever threaten us in the West and therefore the overall threat to our freedoms isn’t as great as some of us think it is, you’re missing the point. Muslim armies aren’t the issue. The credibility of threats from individual Muslims and the long reach of Islamic fatwas into nominally free, cosmopolitan countries is the issue.