Video: Karzai responds to reporter's question about terrorism; Update: Reporter was left-wing shill Jennifer Loven

We’ve gotten four or five requests for this since it aired this morning. It’s not so much what he says as how he says it: the long pauses, the look of utter incredulity that an educated person — from New York City, no less — might not still appreciate the stakes five years later.

You’ll find the clip at the end of this sequence, which also features Bush’s angry comments about the NIE leak. Rarely has he been so blunt in his criticism of the press.

Update: Poland’s speeding up its deployment to Afghanistan to help NATO crush the Taliban.

Update: A new CNN poll says support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped to 50% but I can’t find an article about it on the main site or a breakdown by party. It must be Republicans who are bailing out given the left’s incessant shrieking about how we’ve “forgotten” Afghanistan, that’s where the “real” battle is, etc. Can anyone find this poll online?

Update: WaPo has a transcript of the press conference.

Update: The White House transcript reveals that the reporter who put the terrorism question to Karzai was the notoriously partisan Jennifer Loven of AP. See
here, here, and here for a taste at LGF. And here’s more at Powerline. In fact, just google her and drink it in.

The irony is, Loven’s question on its own terms wasn’t unfair. But Bush and even Karzai knew what agenda was driving it, and responded accordingly:

Q Thank you, sir. Even after hearing that one of the major conclusions of the National Intelligence Estimate in April was that the Iraq war has fueled terror growth around the world, why have you continued to say that the Iraq war has made this country safer?