Bloggers gather at White House for pork bill signing; Update: Video added; Update: Ace spotted; Update: Mary K spotted

I was taping three different cable news networks at 9:45 this morning in hopes that they might look in briefly on this moronic event, and that within that shot they’d inexplicably pan from Bush to the crowd so we might catch a glimpse of Instapundit, Mary K, and/or Ace.

They’re all in attendance today. Others of us are not. Thus are enemies made.

I’m monitoring the photo wires and the WH website for a transcript and video. Once I have it, you will too. Will Bush acknowledge those who helped champion this bill on the “Internets”? The suspense mounts.

Update: Here’s what we’ve got thus far. I think that might be Ace in the baby-blue skirt-suit.

Update: Crowd pan!!



Update: Here’s the transcript. No mention of bloggers, which was foolish. TV wasn’t paying any attention to this bill-signing; the Internet was. Why not throw in a reference or two to get people chattering?

Update: White House video right here. There’s a shot of the crowd from the back at the very beginning but I don’t see Ace or Mary K.

Update: Glenn’s first post on the morning’s events is up.

Update: Ace has a post up too. He earned himself a presidential handshake and possibly, maybe, hopefully, a brief interview with Chris Wallace, which I hope he’ll put to good use by asking CW (a) what he thinks of the Olberdouche calling him a “monkey,” (b) whether he himself refers to the Olberdouche as “Olberdouche,” and (c) if he doesn’t, whether maybe it’s time that he starts.

Ace also says he’s visible in both screencaps above. I’ve gone ahead and added a red halo to show where he is.

Update: Mary K e-mails to say she’s visible in the White House video. Here’s the screencap. Devil in a red dress.


Update: A little blog love from the Washington Times. No names, alas.

Update: Mary K’s report on the ceremony is here.

Update: N.Z. Bear has photos up. Turns out he’s visible in the screencap too.