Video: Olbermann calls Chris Wallace a "monkey posing as a newscaster"

And a “bully.” Which, let us admit, is simply divine in its irony.

Watching this douche clumsily trying to channel his paranoid rage into lofty rhetoric has been one of the true joys of blogging these past few weeks. There’s nothing so pathetic, or entertaining, as someone stupid trying to sound smart; the fact that it’s happening on national TV every night makes it almost too good to be true. And the best part is, the nutroots keep egging him on. Each time he gets a little angrier and the prose gets a little purpler and nastier, and the nutroots fist pumps get a little faster and more intense. We’re building to something here; Olby might not know it yet but he’s fast running out of room to run. Soon he’ll reach the point where there are no more accusations to level at Bush and he’ll have to cross the final frontier. He’s not there yet, but give him time: he’s been scrupulous about referring to the UK terror plot as the “purported plot,” a qualifier that for some reason doesn’t manifest itself when the subject turns to, say, Haditha. He’s inching his way towards the big one. Soon enough.


How many times have we heard America’s most dangerous demagogue rail at Tony Snow, or “Mister” Bush, or Rumsfeld, or any of them for being critical of reporters, or raising their voices to them, or looking cross-eyed at them. Do we not recall KO intoning about our “deep national shame” because someone in government dares to take exception with “those loyal Americans who disagree with his policies—or even question their effectiveness or execution”? All of a sudden, when it’s B.J.’s policies that are the subject, Olby does a double-flip, full-reverse half-somersault and it’s time to demonize dissent! Don’t try to make sense out of it. It’s OlbyLogic.

This was Reverend Olby at his most sanctimonious. As each “special comment” tries to top the previous one, they become increasingly preposterous and frenzied. This latest embarrassment, chock full of unsubstantiated drivel, citing nonexistent statements, never documented, is so farcical it could seal Herr Olbermann’s fate once and for all.

I hope not. Not until he uncorks a commentary in which the words “controlled demolition” figure prominently will Keith’s mission be complete. I hope I get to see it.

Click the retard to watch.


Update: The backlash begins — Inside Cable News says the Olberdouche has crossed the line.

Update: “A little cultural watershed,” says MeFi moron!