Video: Fox covers Arizona 9/11 memorial controversy

From blogs to Drudge to FNC. Tinker to Evers to Chance, baby.

We need to work DR out of the equation, though. Open up an info pipeline directly to Fox HQ.

You know, the way the nutroots does with Olbermann.

One of our readers says he’s heading out to the memorial today or tomorrow to take pictures of all the slogans. We’ll know soon enough exactly how much propaganda this thing is tagged with.

Update: Also on the memorial:


Update: I meant to post about the curriculum Arizona’s DOE designed for 9/11 but forgot about it. Dan Riehl reminds me. Follow his link to the PDF and watch how the lesson plans for grades K through 8 become progressively more “nuanced,” in the Kerryesque sense of that word.