Video: Olbermann donates to Clinton's charity -- on camera; Update: Olbylogic, the video!

Who thinks it’s a good idea to videotape his charitable acts and air them on his television show?

A smug, shameless douche with a pathological need for approval, that’s who.

You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you, but the on-camera donation isn’t the most repulsive part of this clip. That honor’s reserved for what Olby has to say about Chris Wallace’s interview with Clinton — an interview that hasn’t aired yet and which Olby almost certainly hasn’t seen.

Johnny Dollar, as always, has a superb recap of the show along with a partial transcription. As you read it, keep in mind that MSNBC advertised tonight’s program by promising that Keith would ask Clinton “the tough questions.”

Update: Robert Cox of the world’s greatest watch blog has helpfully spliced together video from Tuesday night’s Countdown and O’Reilly Factor. Now, for the first time, watch our generation’s answer to Edward R. Murrow insist that torture doesn’t work side by side with actual reporter Brian Ross explaining why “torture” works.