Video: Clinton flips out over Osama hunt on "Fox News Sunday"

He did try. Cruise missiles count as “trying.”

He just didn’t try hard enough.

Watch those eyes bulge. There’s a Legacy at stake here, and no one, least of all Chris Wallace, is going to jeopardize that.


Can’t wait for the full interview. Check your local listings.

Update: Ace is thinking about the video of Bin Laden taken by that drone in 2000.

Too bad Clinton wasn’t in any legal jeopardy when this footage was taken (the Fall of 2000). Had he been in legal trouble, who knows, he might have actually have given the code to fire on bin Ladin and saved 3000 people.

I guess the real lesson of the nineties is that we didn’t impeach Clinton frequently enough.

Update: Johnny Dollar has video of Wallace discussing the interview on Fox this morning.

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John Sexton 7:00 PM on December 09, 2023