Video: Rangel warns Chavez not to attack "my president"; Update: Gratuitous DU thread added

This would have meant a lot more coming from a guy who hadn’t referred to Bush in the past as “our Bull Connor.”

His point is actually quite weak. Barack Obama, to his credit, used his trip to Kenya a few weeks ago to criticize that country’s government for its rampant corruption. The nutroots went hog wild over George “Hero for our time” Galloway’s grandstanding anti-American testimony before Congress last year. No one has a big problem with foreign dignitaries insulting the home team — except when we’re two months out from a midterm election and the backlash from those insults is apt to swing a few voters the “wrong” way. Rangel’s noisy display of patriotism this morning was his attempt to blunt that effect.

Still, it’s always nice to see a lefty put country over party. Even if he really isn’t.

Gateway Pundit has video of UN bottom-feeders clapping and laughing during Chavez’s “devil” remarks. The New York Post responds.

Update: Pelosi’s reading from the same script. She’s right, of course.

Update: Chomsky’s book is number four today on Amazon.

Update: Rangel’s office has issued a statement emphasizing that it’s the “personal” attack on Bush that he has a problem with. That’s a strange complaint coming from the master of the “Bull Connor” analogy. Essentially he’s saying that repulsive, cartoonish ad hominems are fine, so long as you’re a citizen.

Update: E.M. Zanotti says it’s no wonder the Dems feel safe in criticizing Chavez.

Hes not threatening to blow anything up. He’s not threatening the lives of thousands of people in the west. At most, he’s threatening the latest Oprah book club selection’s position at the top of the best seller list, or Noam Chomskys good name. Hes absolutely not a problem.

Which means he absolutely requires no solution. As long as Venezeula relies on the United States to buy his oil, his alliance with Iran, a country halfway around the world, are for show, and poor-dresser solidarity. Theres no need to have a plan to deal with him, a comprehensive solution to his dictatorial rule, no need to implement free elections, or even format a battle plan. Not that it wouldn’t be an excellent idea–Venezuela sits on 30% of the worlds supply of crude oil–but its not even near a necessity, so the Democrats have no problem having any moral clarity. They don’t have to follow through on threats.

Update: You’re all waiting for it. Here you go: the DU thread.

Update: Either Fox has themselves a new headline writer or the one they’ve got has been let off the leash. Check these out.