Video: Chavez flips out at the UN; Update: Did Chavez say "insh'allah" at his presser?

Not to be outdone by his pal Ahmadinejad last night, el presidente’s having a full-blown meltdown at the podium before the General Assembly as I write this, shrieking about Bush being “the devil” and hollering “Yankee imperialists go home.” I’ll have video, but maybe not for a while; there are a lot of highlights to find and cut here. In the meantime, use this as an open thread.

Update: Here you go. He praises Castro, recommends Chomsky’s book, and calls upon the world to grant him a seat on the UN Security Council so that he can help usher in the type of peace and prosperity for which the Arab and Latin American worlds are so well known and loved. It’s vaudeville, revolutionary style. Transcript here.

The “Bush is the devil” stuff is right at the beginning, which makes things easy on lefty visitors who have cruised over here to bust a nut.

Update: Three different people have e-mailed to say there’s a rumor that Chavez used the Arabic term “insh’allah” (God willing) at his press conference. I didn’t see it, but I’ll bet it’s true. After all, he’s used that phrase before.

Update: Yup, according to Fox, he said it. How pleased his new Muslim allies must be.